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I am very purist about deriving my own solutions and successfully passing all test cases at least once before peeking at solutions, and even then, I prefer exhausting a question of as many approaches as I possibly can before peeking. Though, I'm definitely not nearly as skilled at Leetcode as that might suggest. I just have a very recreational and casual (non-competitive) approach to programming challenges!

So unless otherwise stated, all solutions and working-out I post here are all done without peeking at spoilers/solutions.

My writeups are of mixed quality, depending on what I feel like doing with a question. Sometimes I like drilling into things and writing detailed notes, but other times, I might just pump out something quick-and-dirty and call it a day.

(I'm also still in the process of migrating solutions here, so it's still pretty barebones.)

Completed Solutions

[Spec] Easy 1. Two Sum (Needs Improvement)
[Spec] Medium 3. Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters (Needs Improvement)
[Spec] Hard 84. Largest Rectangle in Histogram (Needs Improvement)
[Spec] Hard 2736. Maximum Sum Queries (Needs Improvement)

Completed Easy 1
Medium 1
Hard 2

Incomplete Work-In-Progress Solutions

[Spec] Hard 4. Median of Two Sorted Arrays (Needs Improvement)

Work-In-Progress Easy 0
Medium 0
Hard 1