My Thoughts On Personal Finance In Australia

This is a very early work-in-progress. I’m still figuring out how to write out this page.

For now, I can at least compile the resources I’ve seen or like.


Everything on this page is just my thoughts on personal finance in Australia. Different countries differ in finance products, legislation, economic conditions, and other factors, so if you are not from Australia, the contents of this page may not be as directly applicable.

As is standard with general personal finance resources, nothing on this page or pages within constitute financial advice in the legal sense. I am not even a finance professional. You will need to consider many different factors of your personal situation. Everything in personal finance comes with risk and tradeoffs, and mistakes in managing your personal finances can be extremely costly. Seek professional financial advice if you need assistance.

Everything on this page must only be taken as suggestions on what to look into.

Finding Professional Financial Advice

I don’t have any experience or resources with seeking financial advice, but I liked this Rational Reminder episode. I recommend you watch it before seeking any sort of professional financial advice.

I should find more resources on how to seek financial advice. It’s a very important topic.

Resources I Can Vouch

Here are some resources I’ve personally used and can personally recommend openly, and in alphabetical order, giving no particular preference to any resource. There’s a lot of overlap in these resources, as well as some particular strengths/focuses. I like them all though. I recommend checking through them and just consuming the resources that suit your needs and tastes.

More Resources

These resources look good from what little I’ve seen, but I don’t feel familiar enough to recommend them until I properly consume them. Still, I reckon it’s worth at least skimming through and seeing if they’re useful to you! Also listed in alphabetical order to avoid giving preference.