Monster Hunter Now - Personal Notes

These are just my personal notes for the game. Information may be inaccurate, out of date, or personalized for my needs only. Feel free to use my notes as a template for your own notes!


Monster Break Order

Reminder: If you’re short on a particular material, check the drop tables and adjust your break order.

Sword and Shield, up to 7-star

MonsterBreakKill-OnlyBonus BreakBreak (5* and lower)
Great JagrasHead → ForelegsStomach
Kulu-Ya-KuHead → Forelegs
Pukei-PukeiTail (S) → HeadHeadWings?
BarrothForelegs → Tail (S)Head (B)
Great GirrosHead → ForelegsTail (S)
Tobi-KadachiTail → Forelegs → HeadHeadDo Tail last.
PaolumuTail → * Neck PouchHeadWings?
JyuratodusBody → Tail → HeadHeadHindlegsBody → Head → Tail
AnjanathTail (S) → HindlegsHeadHead
Pink Rathian
Tail (S) → HeadHeadWings/Back?
Black Diablos
Tail (S) → 2x HornsHeadBack?
LegianaTail → HeadHeadWings?
RadobaanBody → 2x Hindlegs → Head → Tail (S)HeadDo Body last.
Banbaro2x Horns → 2x HindlegsTail (S)2x Hindlegs → Tail (S)
BariothBoth Arms → HeadTail (S)Tail (S) instead of Head.
ZinogreForelegs → HeadHeadHeadTail (S) instead of Head