Leetcode - Hard

2736. Maximum Sum Queries [Original Spec] [2024-01-21]

class Solution:
    def maximumSumQueries(self, nums1: List[int], nums2: List[int], queries: List[List[int]]) -> List[int]:
        nums = [(a, b, a + b) for (a, b) in zip(nums1, nums2)]

        queries = [(*x, i) for (i, x) in enumerate(queries)]

        sortedarr = [(inf, -1)] # [(num2, sum), ...] num2 decreasing, sum increasing
        def add(_, num2, _sum):
            j = len(sortedarr)
            for i in reversed(range(j)):
                (stored_num2, stored_sum) = sortedarr[i]
                if stored_num2 >= num2:
                    if stored_sum < _sum:
                        sortedarr.insert(i + 1, (num2, _sum))
                elif stored_sum <= _sum:
                    del sortedarr[i]

        # Naive O(n) for now. We do binary search when it works!
        def search(y):
            # NOTE: We get the -1 naturally from the initial element!
            for num2, _sum in reversed(sortedarr):
                if num2 >= y:
                    return _sum

        solution = [None]*len(queries)
        for x, y, i in queries:
            while len(nums) and (nums[-1][0] >= x):
            solution[i] = search(y)
        return solution