Lately, I’ve been starting to get back into writing content for this blog, and with that, my perspective on blogging has changed slightly. I’d like to discuss that briefly in this post.

Divorcing Myself from the Elusive Perfect

I created this blog to share my views and ideas on various things, all in one place. However, I previously felt like I wanted to achieve some minimum level of “quality”. I wanted this to be a place where if someone were to subscribe, I can give my personal guarantee that they will be reading top-quality, highly-relevant and super-interesting content each and every time I release a new post.

However, wanting to have a high bar of quality I find gets in the way of getting any amount of content out. I’m finding that it leads to chronic procrastination with starting posts, and not to mention the amount of time I spend on any single post, focusing far too much on writing and editing.

And even despite my best efforts to achieve my ideal, I still believe my blog is far from achieving it. Ultimately, all that procrastination and extra writing/editing time has only been wasted. My posts are terribly rambly, my grammar and organization of ideas are lacking greatly, I can get hand-wavy, etc.

So even if I wanted to produce “quality”, I honestly don’t really know how to achieve that right now. I’m not a writer by trade, and I even practically failed highschool English. My grammar will need a huge amount of work, and since I don’t write much, I don’t really have a lot of experience structuring my thoughts and my communication. Sure, I’ve always read a tonne of articles on the internet, but I never really cared about learning how other people structure their writing until now; I just cared that I absorbed the ideas.

As such, I’ve resolved to divorce my previous idea of “quality”. Rather than achieving that elusive “perfect”, “good enough for me” will be my goal. Of course, that’s never a valid excuse to never try to achieve some level of quality, but my focus will instead be on writing for the fun of it, writing what I want to write, and getting ideas out.

Improving by Just Doing

Quality should hopefully come naturally over time as I continue this blog.

As I write, I’m constantly reassessing my grammar. If I’m unsure of something, I Google it. In fact, just a minute ago, I Googled et cetera and how the abbreviation etc. is used in writing. I’ve Googled grammar a lot with all my posts, and I hope that continuing to write and learning about grammar and writing this way will naturally lead to an accumulation of knowledge and improvement.

My skill and instinct as a writer should hopefully also continue to improve as I get content out. By getting into the habit of writing, I want to practice identifying cool ideas I want to share with the world, developing habits that help me seek and retain key ideas, developing a better sense of how to structure my ideas in writing, and generally writing faster (rather than taking my time to agonize over how to write).

Structuring my thoughts and building mental habits is also a skill that I want to improve in general. Being kinda a shut-in of a person at the moment, I hate to admit it but my communication skills in general just absolutely suck. Writing should help offset my problem, helping me to eventually integrate into becoming a productive member of society.

Why I Write, and Looking Ahead

For now and hopefully continuing far into the future, I hope to keep using this blog as a “me-blog”. I write because I’m fed up of keeping my thoughts and ideas quietly to myself, and I just want to get them out in some fashion. Thoughts, ideas, and experiences are incredibly valuable yet ephemeral, so I want to capture them in the moment. Not putting them down on record is a damn waste of potential. Someone could’ve been inspired by them!

Now, continually producing content in the way I described is cool and all, but I still want to produce resources one day that meet the “ideal perfect” that I described earlier. My plan is to maybe one day restructure my current blog to sectionalize it, or create new blogs which I might purposefully use for heavy-hitters, or more specific topics. But that’s something for another time.

Social Media…

To hopefully get my content a bit more visibility, I’ll be looking into using Twitter and Reddit to link back to and promote my blog.

I’m a bit of a nooblet when it comes to Twitter though, so let’s see how well this goes…